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Corporate public speaking services

The sports environment is more and more a preferred benchmark for corporate management practices worldwide.
The ability to work in team; the requirement to express a strong leadership; the capability to perform under on-going stress and pressures; the need to balance diverse talents or optimize human and technical/financial resources; the vision to plan and launch mid/long term programmes: all of these are key factors for the corporate success today.
SBM represents sports experts, top athletes with international experience and sports current and past heroes who have outperformed or still excel in their environment and disciplines and can be used as winning gurus in corporate meetings, incentive conventions or motivational workshops.
We prepare professionally the speeches and interventions of our “magic team” jointly with the Client and deliver impressive and effective inspiring ideas and themes, in line with real corporate requirements.

> Recruitment and executive search services
> Sponsorship marketing
> Strategy advisory
> Business development and co-marketing strategy
> Public and Corporate Relations
> Event design, production and operations
> Executive education and training programmes

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