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Sponsorship marketing

Sponsors are vital for every sports organization and event. Sponsorship marketing requires more and more technical skills as brand exposure and awareness are not sufficient any longer for brands owners.
Impact more than airtime; values more than media publicity; business relations more than TV contacts; promotions and PR more than advertising and branding: these are the new rules of sponsorship marketing and SBM has the expertise and the innovative approach to address the new corporate requirements in the sponsorship global village.
That’s why we look for creative solutions and dedicate to the activation side of the sponsorship deal the same effort of the rights acquisition one.
With a long track records of international sponsorship acquisition and a well established network of connections in the multinational brands owners sector, SBM delivers real “value for money” assistance in this critical area either to sports properties and events or to media agencies and brands.

> Recruitment and executive search services
> Corporate public speaking services
> Strategy advisory
> Business development and co-marketing strategy
> Public and Corporate Relations
> Event design, production and operations
> Executive education and training programmes

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